Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (2023)

At first glance, Haikyuu is aSport-Animerevolves around a volleyball competition and it doesn't seem like a particularly interesting premise for an anime, but surprisingly it makes for a fairly chewable story. This is mainly because it focuses on the characters most of the time. Although this is a list of the top 10 main characters in Haikyuu, we will not attempt to answer the question of which character is the best. However, we can explore an interesting question: Which Haikyuu character is the best player in the series?

If this has got you thinking, keep reading this article as it lists the top 10 volleyball playersHaikyuu.

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Haikyuu Main Characters (Ranking)

Haikyuu Main Characters (Ranking)

10.Kenma Kozume

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (1)

We start our list of Haikyuu main characters with Kenma Kozume. Kenma Kozume was a sophomore at Nekoma High School. He was the setter of the volleyball team and his teammates referred to him as the "heart" and "brain" of the group.

Kenma has a calm and analytical demeanor. He rarely loses his composure, and he rarely gets nervous or excited about anything. He is quiet and polite and rarely speaks his mind because he is afraid of what people might think of him and hates being heard in any way.

Kenma is considered Nekoma's "brain" for his keen strategic mind and remarkable ability to devise sophisticated tactics to counter his enemies. Because of his preoccupation with what others think of him, he instinctively notices the behavior of others.

This allows him to pick up and exploit the smallest things about his enemies, like their attitudes and personalities. Kenma assessed his rivals' abilities before devising a detailed strategy for his teammates.

Most of his schemes go unnoticed at first, but over time they become more successful. As a result, his competitors are always unaware that they have fallen into his trap.

Kenma is good at strategizing, but he's unsportsmanlike and lacks stamina, which puts him at the bottom of our list of Haikyuu Volleyball Characters. Coach Ukai claims that as a setter, he has the support of the entire team's receiving squad. In other words, Kenma can get the best of his abilities thanks to the receivers' ability to return the ball cleanly to him.

He's become more aggressive lately, looking for offensive chances rather than just focusing on his teammates' flawless receptions. Like the rest of his unit, he is adaptable and adept at picking up and digging the ball.

His playstyle usually causes Nekoma to start games late as they adapt to players and their styles. Nekoma attacks in the closing stages and easily reclaims any points they may have missed as they play and react to the other team's strengths and weaknesses.

9. Tetsuro Kuroo

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (2)

Tetsuro Kuroo previously attended Nekoma High School as a third year student. He was the captain and middle blocker of the Boys' Volleyball Club and was known as the "scheming captain". He joined the sports marketing department of the Japan Volleyball Association in November 2018.

Tetsuro Kuroo Kuroo has a laid-back yet cunning disposition, and is considered by many to be a provocation specialist. He would intentionally offend some and is adamant in his snide remarks. This shows the way he infuriated Tsukishima during summer training camp when the blocker maintained a casual approach to volleyball in his freshman year.

Tetsuro Kuroo Kuroo is friendlier and more honest than his looks suggest. Kuroo seeks out Daichi and apologizes for the offense after discovering he's crossed a line. He later proves that despite his status as a provocation specialist, sportsmanship is still important to him.

Kuroo is widely regarded as a block specialist who excels at putting pressure on opponents. Known as Tsukishima's blocking instructor, he has finely tuned techniques. However, due to his lack of experience, he found himself at the bottom of our Haikyuu's best volleyball players.

His blocking skills come mainly from his thorough understanding of the finer points, such as proper balance, pace and jumps. Kuroo dodges and jumps straight up instead of sideways when blocking. Around the same time, he's trying to time his blocking with the ball's downward pointing tip. Kuroo will now block Spikers that are larger or heavier than him.

Tetsuro Kuroo is a versatile player who supports Nekoma on both offense and defense. Kuroo, like the rest of his team, is adaptable and effective when it comes to receiving.

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About the fact that a middle blocker is usually rotated with the libero, Kuroo has proven that he can play in the back row while Yaku is injured. He is currently the only newcomer with a decent jump serve.

8. Korai Hoshiumi

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (3)

Number 8 on our list of Haikyuu main characters is Krai Hoshiumi. Krai Hoshiumi was a sophomore at Kamomedai High School and the team's top volleyball player. A highly talented athlete, he was invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp.

He is currently a member of the Schweiden Adlers, a professional volleyball team in Japan's V.League Division 1. He also plays volleyball for the Japan national team.

Krai Hoshiumi is very short in stature but has a solid build. He has a bird-like appearance. Its huge, wide-open eyes mimic those of a seagull, and its spiky, coarse, light-colored hair resembles a bird's feathers.

He used to have shorter hair, which he kept loose as a child. Krai Hoshiumi cut off his hair and reverted to the hairstyle he had when he was younger during his sophomore year of high school.

Hoshiumi appears cool and collected in games, but he's a passionate, outspoken, and proud individual who believes his talents have always amazed others because of his size.

He gets annoyed easily, especially when people don't give him an impressed look or make comments about his small stature. 1. Hoshiumi has been aware of his disability and the physical difficulties it brings since third grade.

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Though he initially cried over the injustice of his height, he eventually accepted it at his mother's suggestion and began honing various skills to become a stronger player regardless of his size.

Krai Hoshiumi is a fantastic all-around player who can serve, receive, bet, block and spike. He uses a special running technique to jump up and clear blockers much higher than him; He bends and rotates his legs inward, resulting in a high vertical leap that allows him a spectacular end-line shot.

According to the evidence, he also has a huge arsenal of attacks, including fints, wipes, straights, and crosses. Hoshiumi can also serve up a jump serve with great power and precision.

During the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp, Eikichi Chigaya remarked that Hoshiumi has a "little giant" vibe due to his size and jumping ability; a commentator on Hoshiumi's first game at the Spring High tournament also nicknamed him "Little Giant".

7. Kiyoomi Sakusa

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (4)

Itachiyama Institute frontrunner Kiyoomi Sakusa was a heavy favorite to win the Nationals. Along with Kiry and Ushijima, he was one of the top three aces in the country and the only second-grader among them.

After high school, he played in a college volleyball league and was named MVP. Eventually, he joined the MSBY Black Jackals, a V-League Division 1 club, as an outside player. He was named to the Japan national team during the 2021 Olympics.

Kiyoomi Sakusa seems cool and composed, but he's still competitive and proud. And when he scores the final goal of the game, he doesn't show emotion, but when he spots an opponent he perceives as a threat to himself, he puts a lot of focus on the player. He was also upset when Kageyama said he seemed ordinary considering his popularity.

He is characterized as a careful player who analyzes a throw before making spikes, and this trait is reflected in his daily habits. He appears to be a realist, which describes his tendency to ask lots of questions to determine scenarios.

Kiyoomi Sakusa is a tremendously talented player who was recognized as one of Japan's top 3 aces in his sophomore year and later College League MVP. He's a complete player who excels on both offense and defense, which places him somewhere in the middle of this list of top Haikyuu volleyball players. He has previously defeated top five ace Bokuto and has often been seen dueling with Ushijima, with whom he had a rivalry.

He was seen smashing through a block three and sending the ball wide with a wipe while playing against Fukurodani. Utilizing unorthodox spikes, Sakusa serves to overpower enemies, though he lacks the immense strength of both Ushijima and Kiry.

Because of his technique, discipline, precision and special shots, he is a feared player.

In addition to being a great spiker, Sakusa is also a solid defender. Ever since he dealt with Ushijima's southpaw strikes in junior high, he began working on his receiving. Since then he has made significant strides and is always entrusted with defending the court against Force Servers.

Sakusa was welcomed to All Youth Japan Camp as a recognition of his skills. Kageyama was fascinated by the spiker from the moment he saw him and was eager to observe him up close at camp, but he later claimed that the spiker seemed more common than his reputation suggested.

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He can be seen taking accurate shots between the end line and the touchline during camp. Sakusa has virtually no flaws, according to teammate Motoya Komori, a participant at another youth camp.

6. Koutarou-Bokuto

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (5)

Ktar Bokuto, a third-year student at Fukurdani Academy, was the ace and captain of the volleyball team. He was considered one of the top five aces in the country, missing only the top three.

After graduating high school, he became an underdog for the MSBY Black Jackals, a Division 1 team in Japan's V-League. He also plays volleyball for the Japan national team.

His co-workers describe him as having "mood swings" where even the smallest thing alters his mood and affects his performance. Yukie, the team's third-year boss, called him "simple".

Ktar Bokuto has a playful, friendly, bombastic, and childlike attitude. Nonetheless, he is respected by both his teammates and rivals for his impressive talent and morale-boosting demeanor.

Coming back from a slump, Ktar Bokuto proudly displays his ace status and claims he is the strongest among his teammates and rivals.

Bokuto is a feisty character who jokes about everything and plays his plays creatively to earn praise or approval from his teammates. His nature is so adaptable that he gets along with almost everyone.

Bokuto is one of Japan's top five aces, and rumor has it he's as good as a top three ace if he's serious. He excels in all aspects of volleyball including offense, safety and attitude.

According to Kageyama, Bokuto has the ability to interpret and assess a situation in real time, as well as the physical ability to react quickly.

When Bokuto trained, he often went above and beyond, staying hours longer than anyone after training was over, and practicing harder at scheduled sessions. This irritated his teammates so much that they tried to stop him and found reasons not to train because no one could match his stamina or ability.

As you would expect given his size and strength, Bokuto is often seen blasting past one- and two-person blocks using his own power. However, Bokuto's most notable ability is his technique and accuracy; He's often seen hitting razor-sharp lines, slicing shots that go through even the shortest range, or between blockers with enough power to get through.

Even if you get under the bump, the force of the impact makes digging difficult. Bokuto is also a master of wipes and block-outs, as evidenced by the many wipes and block-outs he scores against Nekoma against their impressive defenses. Bokuto also has the ability to reposition the ball through bounces for a better setup.

5. Toru-Oikawa

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (6)

Centering our Haikyuu main character list is Tru Oikawa, also known as Toru Oikawa in English translation. Toru Oikawa is a professional setter for the Argentina Volleyball Federation for Club Atlético San Juan. He was a third-year student at Aoba Johsai High School for most of the series and served as the captain and setter for the school's volleyball team.

As of the Final Arc, he had acquired Argentine citizenship and will be the starting setter for the Argentina national team. He is the main antagonist in the Interhigh and Spring High Preliminary Arcs.

Despite his childish and flirtatious nature, Oikawa is an excellent, all-round player who takes volleyball very seriously. Due to his smug and outwardly flippant demeanor, he is considered a "disgusting personality" by both rivals and teammates.

Oikawa is also known for making upbeat comments followed by critical or threatening afterthoughts. Highly intelligent and cunning, he can quickly iron out the shortcomings of his teammates and rivals.

Oikawa, on the other hand, has shown to be very attentive and loving to others on many occasions, but this often shows towards his teammates or people like Hinata.

Oikawa is ambitious and single-minded, but is shown to harbor feelings of inferiority to others he considers inherently superior to him, such as Ushijima and Kageyama.

To balance his ambition, Oikawa works extraordinarily hard, often enduring grueling solo sessions in addition to his team workouts. Additionally, Oikawa spends time at home observing his opponents' previous games, anticipating their moves and strategizing how to beat them.

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Toru Oikawa is known for his strong and precise jump serve, which he has been perfecting and mastering since childhood. Regardless of how tense a game is, he should maintain a relaxed and cool demeanor.

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Oikawa is a stunning player and one of the prefecture's best all-around players, although he's not called a genius.

Unlike Kageyama's brilliant formation technique, Oikawa's talent is based on his innate physical abilities, ability to use his teammates well, ability to spot mistakes in opposing teams, sharp aim and effective serves. He could find out the weaknesses of Tsukishima and Hinata in a short time on the court and smash the godlike speed of Kageyama and Hinata.

However, this would not happen without years of preparation and dedication. Even Shiratorizawa Academy's Ushijima recognizes Oikawa's talent, stating that Oikawa's strength lies in his willingness to unleash the full potential of each team.

4.Atsumu Miya

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (7)

Atsumu Miya was a sophomore at Inarizaki High School and the starting player on the volleyball team. He was invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp after being recognized as Japan's top high school setter and server.

Since 2018, he has been a member of MSBY Black Jackal, a professional volleyball team in Japan V.League Division 1. He is now a member of the Japan national volleyball team and competed in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Atsumu tends to be a carefree, confident individual who wears a lazy grin on his face most of the time, although he loves to provoke people and give casual compliments.

Atsumu Miya tends to be arrogant and self-centered at times. He is characterized by Osamu as someone who does not listen to others, does not return borrowed items, and frequently lies.

Atsumu Miya is also a perfectionist who has absurdly high expectations of himself and his spikers. He wants to give his spikers the best throw possible, but he still wants them to compete at a high level. When the Spikers struggle to live up to his expectations, Atsumu isn't afraid to confront them, even calling them trash, including his own twin brother.

Atsumu is currently the top high school setter in Japan. His throws are said to be very quick to catch, never swaying or going off, giving the impression that the spikers have changed.

Except in sticky situations where a forearm throw is the norm, Atsumu is still willing to go the extra mile to give his spikers the best throw possible.

Like Kageyama and Hinata, Atsumu Miya is capable of performing the god-like fasting in complete coordination with his twin brother Osamu. However, since he launches the attack without prior preparation, his throw is not as accurate as Kageyama's. Not only did he excel as a setter, he also earned the title of "Best Server" at both middle school and Interh.

3. Wakatoshi Ushiwaka

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (8)

We're slowly reaching our top three Haikyuu main characters. As a third-year student, Wakatoshi Ushijima was the captain and ace of the Shiratorizawa Academy boys' volleyball team. He was Miyagi Prefecture's number one ace and along with Sakusa and Kiry, one of the top three aces in the country at the time.

After graduating from high school, he joined the Schweiden Adlers, a professional team in Japan's V-League Division 1. He joined the Japan national team and took part in the 2014 World League and the 2021 Olympic Games.

Wakatoshi is currently a member of Orze Warszawa, a Polish professional team.

Ushijima is a player who is in great physical shape. He has the height, size, stamina and bounce to be one of the most dangerous players on the court. Ushijima's spikes are known for their sheer strength, as he is able to smash away enemy blocks and only receive with force.

Due to his size and jumping ability, he can strike from a high point of impact, making it much harder for his rivals to defend themselves. Ushijima will also increase his hangtime in the air to compensate for blocker timing.

Ushijima's primary weapon is his left-handedness, one of his many traits. Being left-handed allows him to give his spikes a different twist and increase his firepower to new heights.

Since most teams are only used to right-handed spikes, Ushijima's spikes are difficult to deal with.

Overall, Ushijima's playstyle is direct and largely dependent on physicality. Many of his tactics remain consistent across most tournaments, allowing his rivals to adapt and develop countermeasures.

However, due to the sheer strength and size of Wakatoshi Ushijima, that's better said than done. As a result, Ushijima scored 40 points in a game against Karasuno, accounting for nearly half of his team's total points, which alone puts him at the top of our list of top Haikyuu volleyball players.

2. Shoyo Hinata

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (9)

Shoyo Hinata is the main character in Haruichi Furudate's Haikyuu!! Series. Hinata was inspired to take up playing volleyball after seeing a Karasuno High volleyball player known as the Little Giant score points against much larger rivals.

He enrolled at Karasuno High after losing his first formal volleyball game in middle school to Tobio Kageyama, the "King of the Court," only to find out that Kageyama already wanted to come to Karasuno.

Hinata was a freshman at Karasuno and a center blocker for the volleyball team for most of the series.

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After graduating from high school, Shoyo Hinata went to Brazil for two years to specialize in beach volleyball. He joined the MSBY Black Jackals, a Division 1 team in the V-League after moving to Japan.

During the 2021 Olympics he was a member of the Japan national team and in 2022 he joined Asas S. Paulo, a professional team in the Brazilian Super League.

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Hinata is known for being sloppy but still very athletic. When he arrived in Karasuno, he didn't know much about volleyball and only focused on spikes. With the help of his new teammates, he quickly mastered the basics and basic skills.

Despite his lack of expertise, Hinata is still trying to figure out how to help out during a game. He is not afraid of new ideas and is quick to improvise when things don't go according to plan.

Shoyo Hinata is a lightning fast learner who can develop his skills simply by copying the moves of others. Hinata is also one of the few players who can see the entire court when reaching for the ball.

Hinata is not known for his strength, but for his ability to use speed and endurance to his advantage. Hinata's greatest strengths are his steadfastness and his will to succeed.

1. Tobio Kageyama

Haikyuu Characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked) (10)

Number one on our list of Haikyuu characters is Tobio Kageyama, known as the "King of the Court". Tobio Kageyama is one of Karasuno's setters and was selected to attend the All-Japan Youth Training Camp. He is sometimes referred to as a "brilliant" setter.

Tobio Kageyama possesses exceptional analytical skills and is able to throw precise shots after observing both angles and placements on the court in a split second.

Kageyama is known as the king of the court and volleyball genius for his superb technique and feel, so it's no wonder he's the top pick on our list of top Haikyuu volleyball players. Kageyama's overwhelming ability as a high-profile setter has the potential to unite the team, but he initially struggles with good communication with his teammates.

He has learned to use his talents to get the most out of his spikers over time. Instead of constantly asking his spikers to balance him, he now pays attention to their condition and modifies his throw accordingly.

Kageyama is an all-round professional with a tremendous understanding of both the fundamentals and complexities of volleyball. In addition to his amazing precision and technical skills as a setter, he is an experienced all-rounder with a remarkable understanding of both the fundamentals and complexities of volleyball.

Tobio Kageyama is capable of playing a variety of positions, including wing spiker, but he prefers to be the team's control tower as a setter. Kageyama is also a fan of the improvised technique, and he was the first to suggest that Hinata's powerful performance on the court could be used as bait.

As a result of all these considerations, Kageyama was selected to attend the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp.

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