Dewalt DWE6423K VS DWE6423 - Which one is better (2023)

A grinder is a tool for polishing surfaces. But only some know which model to choose. You should pay attention to a few features to identify the differences between the Dewalt DWE6423 and DWE6423k if you must make a decision.

These grinders have many similarities. They have a decent mechanism and a dust collection system. As a result, we will explore and compare the features and strengths in this article.

Dewalt DWE6423K VS DWE6423 - side by side

Sure, here's a comparison chart of the Dewalt DWE6423K and DWE6423 grinders:

AMPERY3,0 A3,0 A
Dustproof switchSOSO
Orbit diameter3/32″3/32″
Insert breakSOSO
Paper size/type5 inch hook and loop5 inch hook and loop
Power tool typeCORDEDCORDED
Tool height140,0 mmNot applicable
Tool weight2.9 lbsNot applicable
manufacturer's warranty3 Years Consumer Limited3 Years Consumer Limited
Ship weight4.0 lbs3.4 lbs
speed8000-12 000 OPM8000-12 000 OPM
Disc diameter5 cali5 cali
Charger includedNONot applicable
Variable speedSoSo
Type of dust collectionBagBag
Dust collection port size1,25 calaNot applicable
Storage typeBagNot applicable
Type SanderaOrbitalOrbital

Dewalt DWE6423 review

The Dewalt DWE6423 orbital sander motor has a 3 amp motor and spins between 8,000 and 12,000 RPM. Counterweight design reduces machine vibration.

The equipment has an improved dustproof electric sander switch that prevents dust from being sucked in. Due to the fact that dust is not retained inside, it also lasts longer. The dust port works with this type of device.

The low height of the machine is by no means a disadvantage. It brings you closer to the device. You can easily see the machine and all activities. You can multitask with the one-handed dust bag of the dust collection system. Vacuum systems with 1-1/4 inch hose can be connected to the dust port.

This makes cleaning easy. Dust is not allowed in your workshop. Both the environment and your health will benefit from this.

When workers are around, they feel safe from sawdust-related respiratory illnesses. You will use the DWV9000 universal connector. Velcro fastened sand pad makes it easy to change sanding sheets. Maximum item weight is 3.52 lbs. The box contains one random variable speed DWE6423Orbital sanderand one dust bag.

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Pros and Cons of Sander DWE6423

Variable speedRequires a hose adapter
Relaxed gripShop vacuum cleaner not included
Ideal for demanding surfaces
Simple and fast
Perfect design

Components included

  • DWE6423 grinder
  • Dust bag
  • Carry a backpack

Key features of the Dewalt DWE6423

Dust collection system

Your workshop stays dust-free thanks to the dust extraction system. An improved dust-sealed switch protects against dust ingress, extending the life of your equipment. The dust bag is a simple one-hand closed bag. If you want to use a shop vacuum cleaner, you should use an adapter.

Amplifier motor

The 3A motor easily handles a variety of materials. Vibration and heat are inevitable as a result of changes in speed. However, the cooling system prevents it from heating up. The ergonomic design on top dampens vibrations.


The 3A motor rotates the pad precisely, quickly and smoothly, demonstrating its strength. The machine generates from 8,000 to 12,000 rpm. It is ideal for grinding various materials. Please note that different materials exhibit different speed differences.

Dewalt DWE6423K review

The 3 amp motor in the Dewalt DWE6423k spins from 8,000 to 12,000 RPM. No matter how tall or short you are, height forces you to get closer to the machine.

After that, you won't have to strain yourself trying to reach the machines. At the top of the element, the counterweight acts as a shock absorber.

The machine is more comfortable because you will not feel vibrations. The rubber pad copes with difficult sections of the machine. The dust extraction system extends the life of the tool and protects against sawdust. Includes a dust bag that can be operated with one hand.

The bag does not need to be emptied quickly. DWV010 or DWV012 dust collectors can be connected directly to the dust port. The sander can weigh up to 4 pounds.

Sander, dust bag, owner card and carry bag are included in the box. DIY enthusiasts will love it because it is simple to use and connects to the vacuum cleaner. Smooth and easy to use grinder. Using it on the hard areas of an item is relatively easy. For easy replacement of the sanding pads, make sure the holes on the bottom are aligned.

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Pros and Cons of the Dewalt DWE6423K

SmoothIt is necessary to have a shop vacuum cleaner
Not very vibratingDust bag could be bigger.
Light and practical
Great quality

Included ingredient

  • Sander
  • Dust bag
  • Owner Card
  • Case (bag)

Key features of the Dewalt DWE6423k

Dust collection system

An improved dust-sealed switch protects against dust ingress, extending the life of your equipment. Your workshop stays dust-free thanks to the dust extraction system. The dust bag is a simple one-hand closed bag. The DWV0110 or DWV012 can easily accommodate a dust port.

You can add an adapter if you want to use a shop vacuum cleaner. Your device can be connected to the DWV9000 universal quick coupler.

Security features

The purpose of security is to make sure that the workplace is safe. Thanks to the rubber coating, your hands will not slip off the handles. Protects against drops that could damage the tool and scratch hard surfaces.

You are protected against electric shock thanksergonomic style. A dust-proof switch protects you from straight cuts. Thanks to the vacuum locking system, you can have a secure attachment of the dust bag.


A machine running between 8,000 and 12,000 OPM. This speeds up the machine and ensures a smooth finish. The machine is accurate thanks to the variable speed mechanism. The polishing procedure is streamlined.


When using a tool, the grip is critical. Just above the sander on the Dewalt sander is a large hand grip. Rubberized handles make them extremely comfortable to hold. In difficult places, the handles provide more grinding. On hard surfaces, your hands are safe.

Powerful engine

A 3 amp motor generates 8,000–12,000 rpm. The orbit vibrates and is powered by electricity. Counterweight design that absorbs vibrations so you don't feel them. There is a vent on the motor for high air circulation to prevent overheating. The cooling system works fine.

Differences between Dewalt DWE6423K and DWE6423

  • In comparison, the DWE6423K is more convenient.
  • The DWE6423K weighs 4 pounds, compared to the 3.52 pounds of the DWE6423.
  • The Dewalt DWE6423K is a good value considering its price and features.
  • Both are in the $70 range. However, the DWE6423k is still cheaper.

Similarities between DWE6423K and DWE6423

  • They vibrate gently.
  • The dust collection system is the same among them.
  • They describe them as both faster and smoother.
  • Grinders have a maximum speed of 12,000 RPM.
  • They correspond to a power of three amperes.
  • Both use 5 inch sanding pads.
  • Both include a hook and loop washer.
  • They are portable and easy to use.
  • Both use the same motor, which has a top speed of 12,000 OMP.
  • They are ergonomically built.


All in all, the similarities between the two items far outweigh the differences. They are low-vibration, use a 5-inch pad, have the same dust collection system, are faster and smoother, and can reach 12,000 OPM. Although the Dewalt DWE6423K weighs 4 pounds instead of 3.52 pounds, it is more comfortable than the Dewalt DWE6423. So it's a bit heavier than the DWE6423. You know which one to choose if you want a grinder or a lighter.

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Frequently asked questions

Which to buy: Dewalt DWE6423K or DWE6423?

If you want to work on higher components than you should use the Dewalt DWE6423K, otherwise use the DWE6423.

Which has more volt devices Dewalt DWE6423K or DWE6423?

The DWE6423 is a 120 volt device.

Which works best on DeWalt Dwe6423 or Dwe6423k drywall?

It is not recommended to use these two drywall sanders. Directly applying abrasive mesh (such as drywall abrasive mesh) to a Velcro pad will not hold and will damage the hooks on the cushion.

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(Video) DeWalt Orbital Sander Review
(Video) DEWALT Random Orbital Sander DWE6423K Review


How many holes does a Dewalt orbital sander have? ›

This sander uses 5-ince [125mm] hook and loop, sanding discs with an 8-hole dust extraction pattern.

How many watts is a Dewalt sander? ›

Operating wattage is 330 — I would plan on having a 800 watt minimum to ensure enough power when starting up and if you be doing heavy sanding. Helpful?

What is the most common orbital sander size? ›

The standard disc size for random orbital sanders is 5 inches in diameter, and there are a wide variety of generic 5-inch sandpaper discs in any hardware store or home improvement center. DIYers can also find sanders with smaller 1- to 4-inch discs that are handy for sanding in tight spots.

What is the most common disc sander size? ›

Disk sanders range in size from small, hobby machines with 4"-dia. disks to industrial, 36"-dia. giants. For the home shop, 12"dia. is a pretty common size.

Is a higher watt sander better? ›

Generally speaking, the higher the wattage the more powerful the sander but belt speed / orbits per minute (OPM) is also an important consideration when buying a sander. If you're working outside, consider a cordless sander. Cordless power is measured in volts and sander battery sizes typically use 18V.

What is a good wattage for a sander? ›

Ideally, it should have a power of at least 800 to over 1000 watts. Another important aspect worth paying attention to is the rotational speed, which directly affects the sanding speed.

What is the difference between a DeWalt orbital sander and a sheet sander? ›

2. What Is the Difference Between an Orbital Sander and a Sheet Sander? Both orbital sanders and sheet sanders move an abrasive in a circular pattern. However, while a sheet sander uses sheets of sandpaper as the abrasive, an orbital sander uses special sanding discs.

Which is better orbital sander or random orbital sander? ›

This “random” motion results in a smoother finish, without the swirl pattern that can come from standard orbital sanders that only move in a circular motion. Random orbital sanders are extremely efficient for large projects.

What are the disadvantages of orbital sander? ›

  • More expensive to buy and operate.
  • Sanding discs sometimes hard to find.
  • Aggressive power can damage a workpiece.
  • Hook and loop on pad can become dirty and fail to hold disc.
  • Sanding pad can become damaged – may affect sanding quality.
  • Circular pads prevent working in corners/tight spaces.

What is the most popular size belt sander? ›

A: Many woodworking experts agree that 3 x 21 inches and 4 x 24 inches sanding belts are the right size for most home shop uses. Such a tool sands a reasonable amount of area without tiring you out.

Who makes the best disc sander? ›

  • Best Overall. WEN Disc Sander. Check on Amazon. Check On Walmart.
  • Best Quality. Rikon Disc Sander. Check on Amazon.
  • Best Design. Ingersoll Rand Disc Sander. Check on Amazon.
  • Best Features. Rockwell Disc Sander. Check on Amazon.
  • Optimal Size. BUCKTOOL Disc Sander. Check on Amazon.
Mar 29, 2023

What must you never do when using the disc sander? ›

  1. Do not use faulty equipment. Immediately report suspect equipment.
  2. Do not sand very small items.
  3. Do not sharpen tools with the sander.
  4. Do not sand metal.
  5. Never leave the machine running unattended.

What are the holes for on an orbital sander? ›

These holes help to pull dust away from the sandpaper's surface so it doesn't become clogged with sanding debris. Without the holes, the dust would gunk up on the sandpaper surface which would create a layer between what you are sanding and the abrasives, causing it to not effectively work.

What is the difference between a DeWALT orbital sander and a sheet sander? ›

2. What Is the Difference Between an Orbital Sander and a Sheet Sander? Both orbital sanders and sheet sanders move an abrasive in a circular pattern. However, while a sheet sander uses sheets of sandpaper as the abrasive, an orbital sander uses special sanding discs.

What is the difference between a random orbital sander and an orbital sander? ›

What is the difference between an orbital sander and a random orbital sander? An orbital sander moves only in a circular motion while the random orbital sander also moves back and forth. As a result of the two separate motions, it leaves less of a swirl pattern on the wood.

What is the difference between a pneumatic orbital sander and an orbital sander? ›

Pneumatic orbital sanders don't have a motor. This gives them two distinct advantages over their electric counterparts: weight and noise. They are both lighter and quieter than electric orbital sanders. So far, all the qualities we have discussed seem to tilt in the favor of pneumatic orbital sanders.

What are the 5 most common mistakes people make with a random orbital sander? ›

6 Common Random Orbital Sander Mistakes
  • Slow it down. Random orbital sanders are designed to be used and moved slowly. ...
  • Don't press down onto the lens. ...
  • Wipe off Dust. ...
  • Do not tilt your orbital sander. ...
  • Use a Variety of Grits. ...
  • Don't ask too much, or too little, from your sanding discs.

What is the disadvantage of a random orbital sander? ›

The biggest disadvantage of random-orbit sanders is their round sanding surface, which makes it impossible to get in corners. Also, they can remove too much material if held in place too long.

Do I need an orbital sander and a finishing sander? ›

If you are only going to buy ONE sander, I would say the random orbital is your best option since it goes from course to fine sanding easily. If you are doing a lot of fine finishing work and want to save some money (and not have to lift such a heavy sander) then a finishing sander is worth the small investment.

Should I get orbital or sheet sander? ›

If there is lots of material to remove, a random orbital sander is a better option than a sheet sander because it sands more aggressively, ultimately saving you time and hand fatigue. On the other hand, if you're making a final pass on wood or sanding between coats of paint or finish, a sheet sander is a good choice.

Which sander is most versatile? ›

Random-Orbit Sander: This is one of the most versatile sanders. Disc and orbital sanders provide a super-fine finish to surfaces and feature a built-in ventilation system that prevents dust from scattering all over the room.

What is the advantage of a random orbital sander? ›

Benefits of this tool? The random turning ellipses avoid creating large scratches on the surface. A random orbital sander creates a uniform surface with minimum visible scratches possible. It gives a finer finish with a slow but uniform material removal.

Why is a random orbital sander better? ›

The random orbital sander is the most versatile sander on the market. It has a round sanding pad that vibrates while also spinning around in a circle at the same time. Random orbital sanders are capable of removing a significant amount of excess material but still able to deliver a super smooth finish.

Should I use a belt sander or orbital sander? ›

Belt sanders are ideally suited to large, flat-surface projects that demand a lot of sand power. For small, flat surface operations or around surfaces, orbital sanders perform better. The orbital sander is better if you are concerned that your hand is too sensitive for a belt sander.

Are pneumatic sanders better? ›

For paint shops that sand in the workshop every day and have access to a powerful compressor, pneumatic is probably the way to go. Air sanders don't house a motor, so they're much lighter, cheaper and quieter. And because there are fewer parts to go wrong, they tend to have a longer lifespan too.

What kind of sanding is a random orbit sander best for? ›

Random orbital sanders are best for sanding large surfaces and smooth larger pieces of wood. Palm sanders, on the other hand, are best for sanding small pieces and are also effective at sanding edges.

What are the different types of orbital sanders? ›

Random orbital sanders generally come in three different types: electric powered, air powered, and orbital floor sanders. The electric and air powered orbital sanders are handheld, while the floor orbital sanders are large machines that roll.


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